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Earth Mother

RITUAL: Fødselsfortællinger

Billedkunstner og fødselshjælper Julie Rostrup & holistisk doula og birthkeeper Kristine Kohlmetz

8. december


Rosenfeldt Allé 2
4760 Vordingborg

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"Vi havde troet at vi blev os selv igen.
Vi bliver aldrig kun os selv igen.
Vi bærer børnene og vi bærer hinanden.
Vi bærer hinanden i os selv."
Liv Nimand Duvå, Mødrenes Hus.

Doula Kristine Kohlmetz
Rooting Doula Kristine Kohlmetz


A day in ceremony with earthstories and birthmedicine.

We invite you to day with the medicine mothers, of community and connection.
An undogmatic gathering with the honest intention of healing the separation that is immanent in our times of trouble.

Rooting deeper, greeting the autum season, mooving closer together around the fire and remembering.

This day is an invitation to rediscover the connection.
Returning to the body, to the earth our motherwomb and to each other through birth as a mythical analogy.

An invitation to cultivate connection, as a social permaculture for healing the dark feminine, bringing back birth, death and rebirth in healing separation.

An invitation to be present with our inner medicine mother,
raw and honest.
And to be with eachother as women, without performing, comparing or fearing eachother.

With the birthmedicine and wisdom from Motherworth and her nordic plant alles, we invite you to a day of creativity, curiosity and pleasure.

We create a living ritual through
time in nature,
herbal nourishment,
reflections, and touch.

With reverence and trembling joy
Tara & Kristine

Midwife Tara Ravn @naturligfoedsel
Birthkeeper Kristine Kohlmetz @doulakristinekohlmetz


Tirsdag d. 11. Oktober 2022
Kl. 10.30-15.00

500 kr (incl. warm organic vegetarian soup, tea, coffee & snacks).

Rosenfeldt Alle 2, 4760 Vordingborg
(Trainstation close by 15min walk,
direct connec only 1 hour from Copenhagen).

Confirm your booking by transfering 500 kr to Kristine via Mobile pay 20986956.
There is no reimbursement, but if you are prevented from participating, feel free to pass the spot on to another woman.

We look forward to being with you

Tara & Kristine

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