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Doula Training

co-teaching with Copenhagen Doulas

Do you want to change
the paradigm of birth
with your wisdom, heart and hands?

Become the change and join our embodied education and comprehensive doula training.

Doula training 2024 - 2025

starting in september (more info soon)

We want to nourish the renaissance of birth, change practice and language in and of birth so that mothers feel nourished and loved in their hours of labour.

We wish for all babies arriving on Mother Earth to feel met, heard, loved and safe.

We trust birth, we believe in women and we know deep in our hearts and from experience that skilled doula work can lead to change.

In order to do this doula work, we need an empathic community of like minded and dedicated doulas to lift the culture around birth.

We have created this doula training for you to gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to become a doula, so that you can support women in pregnancy and birth. In this doula-training we weave empirical wisdom and modern science together in an intensive education, placing emphasis on our embodied, practical and holistic approach to being doulas.

Our contribution to this paradigmshift in birth is a 5 months in 10-day in-person comprehensive doula training, in the heart of Copenhagen.

The intention of our doula training is to:

  • offer substantial education from the five modular pillars of the training:
    Informational support, Physical support, Emotional support, Embodied support and Professional support.
  • inspire and train you to become a doula so you can guide and support primarily the pregnant and labouring woman, but also to provide education, quality care and support to a partner.
  • educate and inspire doulas to support families in every possible setting for birth, such as homebirth, hospital birth, birth clinic etc.
  • motivate self enquiry, embodied knowledge and the cultivation of conscious leadership which we consider essential for being a doula and birth professional.

During this doula training you will:

Become familiar with the foundations of being a doula, learn how to support clients and your community with an integrated understanding of birth physiology, and emerge with the knowledge of how you as a doula can inform, guide and hold space for your clients.

Furthermore you will:

  • understand how you can make a significant change while promoting health and wellbeing in pregnancy and birth
  • know the blueprint of birth and early postpartum
  • be equipped to offer clients a framework for understanding birth and early postpartum
  • study and practise the requirements for supporting women and families through birth
  • practise how to be present and rooted in your core and personal integrity
  • feel prepared, confident and excited about how you as a doula can make a significant impact in today’s birth culture.
doula training copenhagen

…Why should you become a doula?

How a woman is cared for during pregnancy, birth and postpartum significantly influences not only her birth, but also how she feels about the experience for years to come.

From our perspective, birthing a child is sacred.

Birth is vulnerable and transformative, for both mother, baby and family.

The quality of care received throughout can affect long term physiological health and mental well-being, well beyond the early postpartum for all involved.

Doulas are important for creating sustainable change in the modern birth culture, by bridging the gaps in our healthcare system. Doulas promote (w)holistic health by providing continuity of care, qualified support, education, perspectives, reassurance and the comfort of presence.

Trained and educated doulas offer a guide to build resilience in physiological, mental and emotional wellbeing of the mother, baby and new family.

You should become a doula because you want to work with women and you want to work around birth. As a doula you are a part of a unique experience which matters and changes lives.

doula støtte københavn
doula uddannelse københavn

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doula training 2024

What is special about this doula training?

As doulas we have witnessed the massive gaps in care around pregnancy, birth and postpartum. The insights and understanding of birth that we wish to pass on in our doula training, is wisdom learned from the thousands of hours spent with pregnant, labouring and birthing women.

In total, we have been working in the realm of birth for more than 35 years and this gives this education a serious edge.

Our doula training uniquely integrates traditional birth and doula wisdom with our own extensive Doula Training Manual.

Who can participate?

- new and aspiring doulas

- practising doulas who long for solid mentorship, comunity and inspiration

- Other birthprofessionals eg. breastfeeding consultants, pre- or postnatal yogateachers and bodyworkers.

- therapists and other healthcare professionals

Our doula training is rooted in a holistic understanding of birth physiology and psychology. We want to educate and inspire new doulas and birthprofessionals, with emphasis on how you as a skilled doula can offer support in pregnancy, labour and early postpartum.

doula uddannelse

Meet the teachers

Kristine Kohlmetz
Pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula, mother, mentor, medical anthropologist specialised in womens reproductive health and rights, nurturer of women, movement facilitator and holistic bodyworker.

'My work and life is rooted in a nature-based and counscious leadership approach'.

Karina Isolde

Birth coach, pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula, mother, childbirth educator, nutritional counsellor, midwife student and former teacher.

'I am called to do this work because I believe that every child deserves a safe and respectful birth'.

Louise Timm

Doula, pre and postnatal yoga teacher, practitioner of women's health and cyclic awareness, student of biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

‘l am lover of slowing down, deep inner work and how we sense our bodies in birth and life'

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doula supervision

Mentorship for birhprofessionals

SPRING OFFER in May - June

Birthwork support women and families through lifechanging events and in order to do this conciously and responsably, its essential to be clear on what is our own process and what belongs to your clients!

My mentorship support you in these processes.

Sometimes we experience very intense and difficult situations as doulas, and I know its essential to debrief, analyze an understand these situations. To continue wiser and not wounded.

A key for my own bussiness ecosystem has been to seek supervision and mentoring from other experienced women and leaders.

Over the years I observe, that somehow we all end up in the same dilemmas, situations eventually. Ad it feels very close to my heart to take my experiences to the next level as a mentor. And there are sustainable and personal ways to unpack these experiences and I love share mine and offer my supervision.

doula-mentoring is for you if:

~ You dream of becoming a doula/birthworker curious on where or how to begin.

~ You are a new doula finding your way.

~ You are an experienced doula looking for are looking for confidential supervision.

~ Want to explore how to avoid empathy fatique, healers depression or burn out as an mom-entrepreneur in work and world where you are your own primary ressource?

~ You already work with birth and have questions about your role, responsibilities or value as a doula.

~ You are a parent and a birthworker seeking mentoring to balance work-and-life from an experienced doula and mother of 4, knowing all the waves and traps of heart-visions and reality.

Why I offer this mentorship

I am convince that it is essential and crucial to recieve professional, non-judgemental supervision, when we work so intimately with other people in life-transforming situations such as pregnancy birth and postpartum.

I believe we all need to feel the soft embrace of empathy and support that is in being witnessed.

Over the years it's been esential for me to unpack the scope of practice, limits and possibilities of my own role as a doula. Its a career that mixes and balances the personal, therapeutic, professional and visionary.

As very profound opening to the doula-community in Denmark, I offer personal and confidential doula-mentoring. My intension with this mentorship is to offer a creative and regenerative space for you to develop your career, life and dreams as a birthworker. Supervision and feminine based leadership for women.

Personal practice & potentials

If you feel stuck or challenged, you are not broken.

I offer a nurturing self-exploring space, inviting you deeper into your roots and longings.
your pracitces and visions as a doula.

Unpacking beliefs, idealism and personal shadows.

Supporting you to find out where and what you stand for in the modern matrix of birth.

I know that what I offer today is more experienced, grounded and based on my honest cores values than what was the situation when I began as a doula.

Practical details

~ Sessions are held via Zoom.

~ A session is 75 minutes.

~ After each session you will recieve reflections, expercises and key takeaways from the session so you can continue your personal practice and development.
This is written expercises, guided meditations, selfcare practice, bussiness exercises and more.


~ 850 dkk for the first session

~ Normal price 1250 dkk

 Please note all prizes are incl. Vat (moms).


How to begin:
~ Our work begin with you writing me some lines about your challenges, longing and dreams & how you see I can support you right now.

~ You recieve a link to my booking calender, payment and conditions in an email to confirm your booking.

doula supervision

Birthkeepers council

Mini-forløb, kommer i 2024.

Birthkeepers Council er et mini-forløb for dig, der arbejder med kvinder i graviditet, fødsel & moderskab.

Næring og fællesskab, birthstory as healing medicine til egenomsorg, skyggearbejde, spaceholding,

sanselig bevægelse & ceremoni.

Du kan være doula, fødselsterapeut efterfødselsvejleder, yogalærer, jordemoder/studerende, psykoterapeut, kropsbehandler eller bare nysgerrig.

Birthkeepers Council er et regenerativt mini-forløb i 3 moduler med inspiration og værktøjer til at skabe mere bæredygtig balance og forbindelse til dit kropslige, personlige og faglige fundament.

Skabt med intentionen om at inspirere dit personlige lederskab og dele ud af mine erfaringer fra mere end 12år som holistisk doula og spacekeeper for kvinders transformation i graviditet, fødsel og moderskabets begyndelse.

- Hvordan passer vi på os selv i omsorgsarbejde, grænser og skygger.

- Hvordan vi kan skabe nærende, tryggere alliancer og støtter hinanden i et felt med mange fagligheder, følelser og fortællinger.

Forløbet er tilrettelagt med fokus på ro og rum i hvert modul: til fordybelse, nærvær, integration af viden og de personlige og kollektive processer vi undersøger.


gravid doula



Der bliver max 10 deltagere på forløbet, for at sikre mest mulig nærhed og tryghed.

Der forventes at du kan arbejde ansvarligt med dig selv og vil indgå i både gruppearbejde og delinger med de andre deltagere på forløbet.

DATO & TID: Kommer snart

PRIS: 3200 kr. (inkl. frokost & snacks)

STED: Kommer snart

SPACEHOLDER: Kristine Kohlmetz,

holistisk doula, fødselshjælper og sundheds antropolog

Notesbog og skriveredskab

Behageligt blødt tøj du kan bevæge dig 

evt varme sokker og drikkedunk.


Du tilmelder dig ved at sende mig en direkte email, hvori du beskriver din motivation for at deltage, noter navn, adresse, email og telefonnummer.
Indenfor 24 timer modtager du en mail fra mig med betalingsinfo og bekræftelse på din reservation.

OBS: Du har først sikret din plads på forløbet, når du har indbetalt tilmeldingsgebyret.

Betaling i 2 rater á 1600 kr, første rate ved booking og anden inden forløbets sidste modul.

Bemærk venligst, at der ikke gives tilbagebetaling eller refusion af indbetalte beløb. Du er velkommen til at give pladsen videre, hvis du bliver forhindret.

Jeg glæder mig ydmygt og varmt til dette forløb!

Kontakt mig for spørgsmål til forløbets praksis eller indhold: 20986956 /


book din plads på forløbet ved at sende mig en mail


Earth Mother

RITUAL: Fødselsfortællinger

Billedkunstner og fødselshjælper Julie Rostrup & holistisk doula og birthkeeper Kristine Kohlmetz

Ny dato kommer snart.

Rosenfeldt Allé 2
4760 Vordingborg

"Vi havde troet at vi blev os selv igen.
Vi bliver aldrig kun os selv igen.
Vi bærer børnene og vi bærer hinanden.
Vi bærer hinanden i os selv."
Liv Nimand Duvå, Mødrenes Hus.